A Quick Window Change

November 20, 2011

20111120-072432.jpg Creating a front window display does not always mean taking everything out and starting from scratch. This was the window that housed all of the Emily Post books for when we had the book signing. We had tons of books scattered throughout the display. I also had the word ‘manners’ spelled out on the wall.

20111120-072913.jpg To make this window a tad more holiday-centric, the word GIVE was put where the word ‘manners’ had been. The bones (mirror, chair, lucite cube, lamp) of the window stayed in place. We then started pulling items that were red, and displayed them in stacks throughout. Various spools of red ribbon and twine were also set about.

20111120-073756.jpg I really wanted to incorporate fresh flowers in this display throughout the Holidays, so we hung little glass vases and put a white lily in each one. Each week I plan to swap out a different bloom, such as amaryllis and tulips.

A window display is a bit like your home. You can keep all the major components in place, like a sofa and a mirror, but a quick change of the accessories can create a whole new look, and really freshen things up.