Another Quick Window Change

November 28, 2011

20111128-070455.jpg I really wanted to honor Thanksgiving this year in the front window, so the grouping of white pumpkins that filled every spare nook stayed until Friday. With little time to do a full change of the window, I did a mini swap out, and kept the major components (the table, chair and destination sign) intact. Holiday at Watson Kennedy is quite subtle–customers over the years have really responded to the “less is more” approach. So I try and make it festive, without going too far in the “over the top” direction.

I added a new lamp that had just come in last week that is made out of a vintage spool of string. Amazing. This prompted the idea of using vintage spools & balls of yarn and string throughout. We had also received in an extraordinary high gloss black candelabra that would work perfectly with the cream and black striped candles that I wanted to highlight in the window too. I had also been sent some original, black and white portraits from Hugo Guinness that pulled the entire window together. Thanks Hugo! A simple bark wreath added brings in a bit of Holiday, along with the white single stem lily, that you all know I love.