The Gift of Art

December 20, 2011

20111220-062411.jpg Giving a piece of artwork can be an incredibly special and meaningful gift. We started the tradition of giving each other a piece of art for our anniversary. In January, it will be 24 years of exchanging artwork–the wall in our living room helps to tell the story.

20111220-063014.jpg For this collection of gifts, we decided to just have things framed in black, which really helps unify the wall. There is a variety of mediums, including photography and linoleum cut prints.

20111220-063450.jpg It is fun to look back and remember when each gift was given.

20111220-063638.jpg Some of the artwork on the wall was a gift from friends and artists whose work I sell at Watson Kennedy. The column was a gift from Hugo Guinness, and could not be more perfect in the spot next to the column in the hall.

20111220-063908.jpg Our goal is to have the artwork cover the entire wall from floor to ceiling. Almost there.

20111220-064117.jpg This Denise Fiedler cut-out is a nod to pooch Bailey.

20111220-064236.jpg I also like just propping a piece up against the wall and rotating it occasionally.

20111220-064356.jpg The gift of art can be a perfect Holiday gift too.