A Snowy Day at WestWard

January 16, 2012

20120116-082558.jpg Snow at our place on the island is a rarity, so when it does happen, we are as happy as a clam all bundled up by the fire watching the snow flakes accumulate.

20120116-083310.jpg It is just magical to see the trees across the water dusted in white. It was a day of reading, napping and cooking. I made our traditional Sunday eve roasted chicken, followed by freshly made rugelach by TPS, and more reading by the fire.

20120116-083849.jpg I caught up on my Vanity Fair issues, which I always love. A fun little side note which tickled me. My First Avenue Watson Kennedy shop was abuzz with Vanity Fair staff over the New Year’s week-end. One of the contributing editors was getting married on New Year’s Eve (how incredibly romantic & sweet) in Seattle. Many VF folk bought wedding gifts, as well as oodles of jewelry to wear to the events. We even sold a monkey handled pitcher–I wonder if that will find its way to a certain Monkey Bar…

A restful snow day to all if that is what is happening in your part of the world!