A Black and White Dining Table

January 27, 2012

20120127-065044.jpg I had so much fun resetting the dining table at the Home store the other day. The Dunes and Duchess glossy black candelabra was the starting point and I just started pulling things from the shop floor after that.








I like it to be a fairly organic experience, and just let the creative juices flow. Short of knowing I wanted it to be black and white, everything just starts falling into place. The vintage playing cards were an idea that Amy & I came up with, and then the dominos followed. A customer said that she really liked the table as I was working on it, but that the gigantic vintage glove molds kind of creeped her out. Oh well, you can not please everyone with every display. I reminded her that there is a bit of fantasy in each table display. I am not sure she fully understood that. From there, the mini English trophies were added to each plate, as well as the relief medallions. I used those cool paper place mats I wrote about last week too. It is always a treat to play around with the table and see what direction it goes in. I hope you like.

Happy Friday to you!