A Few Show Favorites

January 31, 2012

20120131-062249.jpg Walking a trade show in the home accessories and gift field can be a tricky venture. Because the categories are so varied, you see a tremendous variety of goods. As I wrote last August, you see some great stuff, you see some not great stuff, and then you find the gems. I find the Winter show to be even more challenging, as most of the companies introduce far few new things than they do at the Summer show, so you really need to be on your toes looking. It is the thrill of the hunt.

20120131-063139.jpg Lime honey, a rustic pitcher made in the shape of an orange, because you know I love my pitchers, and a cheese board made from very old tree stumps were a few things that made my heart sing yesterday.

20120131-063505.jpg We are up early this morning so TPS, Bailey & I can get to breakfast at Buvette by 8. Then another full day of buying. I can hardly wait for both!