The Journals of Spalding Gray

February 3, 2012

20120203-035044.jpg I had the pleasure of meeting Spalding Gray on a very sunny, warm August day on the beach at the Sedgewood Club. My best friend from college, Devin, has a country house quite close to where Spalding and his family did, as well, in this woodsy, creative community an hour or so North of the city. This is the place we are staying for a few days. My memory of him was that he was quite charming. Devin had this book sitting on his coffee table when we arrived late Wednesday eve. I spent parts of yesterday reading his journal entries. What a creative mind, and on some levels what a tortured soul. I was a fan of his work, having sat in the front row of one of his famous monologues in the early 90’s sobbing with TPS by my side, as something insightful Spalding said struck a nerve and brought back strong memories of being with my Father when he died. It was a moment I will never forget. The book is thoughtfully put together and edited beautifully.

20120203-041118.jpg This photo was taken here. It is one of our most favorite spots, having spent many a magical afternoon there, on the dock at Barrett Pond.

We are up early this morning, as we are making the hour drive further North to visit our property in Hillsdale, and meet with our architect. No wonder I could hardly sleep–I am so excited. Tomorrow, photos. We had hoped for snow, but it has been quite mild, so no snow for now.