An EastView Day

February 5, 2012

20120205-084947.jpg It was a gloriously sunny, cold and crisp day–perfect for the drive and for stomping around our property in upstate New York. I was a little nervous and apprehensive on the drive, as we were needing to make a critical decision today. When we bought the land years back, we had thought we had figured out exactly where the house would be set. TPS had made a trip back in the Fall and when he met with the gentleman who we chose to be the architect for the project, they walked the site and found another possible location. I had not seen that spot yet, so we knew yesterday was the day that we would make the final sighting decision.

20120205-085634.jpg While the initial location was beautiful, the spot about 30 feet higher up the slope ended up being even more beautiful.

20120205-085851.jpg The new spot allows for a view of the 150+ year old rock wall that is at the back of our property to be viewed from the back of the house. Something we never considered initially. The higher elevation also really cocoons the back of the house in forest, with the front of the house being all about the view.

20120205-090141.jpg Once the trees are lumbered, this will be part of the view from the front of the house. All the hills and dales that make up the area, and make the name of our hamlet, Hillsdale, so appropriate.

20120205-090346.jpg We meet with a forester early tomorrow morning, to go over what specific trees stay, and which need to be cleared. We hope to use some of the exceptional wood for part of the house as well as potential projects.

20120205-090715.jpg A very happy clan, with TPS with hat hair–but elated over our final decision and as happy as could be.