Vintage Locker Baskets for Storage

March 14, 2012

20120314-075517.jpg I have always liked the look and function of gym locker baskets. They are always well constructed, come in a variety of styles, and have a utilitarian flair to them. We use them for a long list of things at Watson Kennedy, and sell them as well. For our week-end home on Vashon Island, we hung them on the wall and used them in both the bathroom and bedroom. The above gym locker basket in the bathroom being super practical for holding extra soaps & lotions.

20120314-080633.jpg In the bedroom, we lined them up above a vintage English coat rack, where they provide extra storage. The stacks of sweaters, jeans and polo shirts lined up in the baskets makes for easy inventory when we are getting ready for a relaxing day or a walk on the beach.