The Lovely Rita Konig

March 24, 2012

20120324-051128.jpg I first met my friend Rita Konig years back, when she came to Seattle to write an article for Domino magazine. In that article one of the spots she featured was Watson Kennedy. She and I hit it off from the start, so TPS & I hosted a dinner for her on that visit. Her style and manner easy going, witty, and smart. She carries all those traits to how she writes, and designs a space. I would see her and catch up on many of my visits to New York. Her apartment on East 9th Street was one of my favorite places to see her, as the space oozed of her warm, creative style. The above photo is a wall in her kitchen where she taped favorite photos and ephemera to create a rotating gallery, which contained a vintage flashcard that I rubber stamped and sent to her–which makes me smile.

20120324-052717.jpg Ever the consummate host–with a well stocked, and oh so stylish bar set up, at the ready.

20120324-052851.jpg Rita was who introduced me to Hugo Guinness and recommend that Watson Kennedy carry his work. She is now living back in London where she was raised, and is in the process of renovating her new home. You can follow the progress of the project on her blog, which you access through her website

20120324-053355.jpg She still has an office in New York, working on design projects around the country. You can also read the column she writes, ‘Living Well: Rita Konig’ many Saturdays in the Off Duty section of The Wall Street Journal. If you have not picked up a copy of the WSJ lately, a Saturday issue is a must. The section is edited by Deborah Needleman, former Editor of Domino, whose is a good friend of Rita’s. The above vintage white chair sits in the bathroom of Deborah’s country home in Garrison, was a purchase Rita made from Watson Kennedy. She and I share a fondness for solo chairs. All the photos for this post were pulled from Rita’s site–check it out when you have a free moment for a bit of design inspiration.

A happy Saturday to all!