Crazy for Candlesticks

April 19, 2012

20120419-071332.jpg A quick stroll around the shop yesterday and I spotted a variety of candlesticks and candelabra that I thought would make a fun, visual post. Taper candles are so elegant, they really spiff up any room they grace. The holder adding much visual interest as well. Here are a few I captured on my walk.

20120419-071901.jpg Simple, clear and surprisingly heavy.

20120419-071957.jpg Vintage turned wood is a particular favorite. I find many of these on buying trips to England.

20120419-072059.jpg I think they work well massed together in varying shapes and sizes. I like the eclectic quality of when they are mis-matched.

20120419-072412.jpg I often use vintage pages from old books to help steady the candle in the holder + I really like the look of it.

20120419-072616.jpg Again, having a variety grouped together is a look I am quite fond of. It makes for a pretty quick start to a collection.

20120419-072817.jpg The Dunes and Duchess pieces we stock still make my heart sing each day I walk by them.

20120419-073005.jpg The bulbous look to this one with the unfinished wood just makes it a real gem.

20120419-073113.jpg And lastly, sterling silver candelabra we found on our trip to Charleston & Savannah. Singly, paired up–I adore these in any combination.

Tomorrow, colorful candlesticks get added to the mix too.