The Crossing

May 6, 2012

20120506-062942.jpg The sky was extraordinary last night, with the sun beginning to set filtering through the clouds–live theater really. The faint voice on the intercom of the ferry, reciting a list of things to ready us for “the crossing” as the boat pulled away from the dock. What is it about being on the water, or looking at it for that matter, that just starts your mind wandering & relaxing? It was the beginning of our week-end, and it felt so good to just let my mind float with no specific list or task at hand. Just being in the present, the moment. The tasks and lists just fading away as we got closer to our beloved island. Crossing from a busy week to just being. Vinnie, the gentleman who has beautifully and meticulously washed the shop windows since we opened, says he can’t imagine me relaxing or sitting still. I smile when he has made mention of it over the years, because I know he means it as a compliment. I do, Vinnie, don’t you dare worry. I most certainly do.

I hope you have all crossed over into your relaxing mode this week-end, in whatever form that might be. Happy Sunday. Ted