Simple Pleasures: Stacked Wood

June 12, 2012

20120612-060522.jpg Getting wood delivered down to our house has always been a bit of a challenge. The 7 flights of stairs always seems to make the delivery of the wood, and the folks who deliver it, a tad nervous & apprehensive. I smile as I type that because I certainly understand why. So we were saddened but also a bit excited when an ailing tree finally fell on our property. The tree could be cut up for fire wood, and the trip down the stairs could be avoided. Our wood shed would once again be overflowing, turning our dwindling pile into a small work of art. I just love how the wood looks when it is stacked, and you see all the varying pieces and sizes of wood. Ahhh, the simple pleasures. The task itself not so simple, but the end result being something we enjoy each time we fetch wood to start a fire.