Transit Letters

July 5, 2012

20120705-024718.jpg I typically don’t write my daily blog post at 2:45 in the morning, but the lingering, occasional errant firework has been going off, and our pooch Bailey is not a fan. Poor little thing. We stayed in town and watched movies extra loud with the windows and shutters closed as tight as could be to avoid the festivities last night. It was successful, but the after-party fireworks have the girl a twitter. My heart just goes out to pets this time of year. We have a sort of ‘doggie Valium’ to give her during the fireworks given to us by our vet, but we really try and avoid it if we can. Any of you with similar pooch or kitty challenges?

But this is really meant to be about cool, jaunty red, transit letters. So off we go! They have a patriotic bent to them, so thought the letters would be a festive day-after post. We have been selling these at Watson Kennedy for quite some time, and customers buy them for all sorts of reasons. They are not vintage, but they have that vibe to them. Folks spell out their name, while others spell out a word like “EAT” and hang them in their kitchen. I love tying one off of a gift using the recipients initial. The festive red working at really any time of year.