Potted Scented Geraniums

July 7, 2012

20120707-062356.jpg This time of year, you can pick up small pots of scented geranium for a song. They are such flexible, hearty little plants. The variety of leaf patterns as well as the intoxicating scent of the leaves makes them a joy to have around your home.

20120707-062742.jpg We had close friends for our pizza and martini evening last night, and I really wanted to set a festive, yet easy, table. The scented geraniums would do the trick. I filled a bunch of vintage green pottery we collect with the pots of geranium and then topped them off with reindeer moss we sell at Watson Kennedy.

20120707-063142.jpg I love using this stuff. It is actually preserved Norwegian lichen, but the term in the retail trade is reindeer moss. It works great for adding to the tops of pots of orchids and other potted plants. Instead of looking at dirt, you get to look at this pretty stuff. A winner in my book.

20120707-063542.jpg I placed the largest scented geranium in the middle of the table, then worked my way out, clustering the smaller pots.

20120707-063707.jpg It was a green, green table filled with some our favorite things. Add a little good food, great friends, and lively conversation and the table just comes to life.