Objects as Art

July 17, 2012

20120717-061509.jpg Art can really be anything, and I am always trying to keep my eyes open to all objects, big and small, new and vintage. Anything that stirs an emotion. Anything that makes me think. Take pause. Our newest acquisition is the vintage nautical depth measuring device pictured above. We had seen one many years ago on a trip to Palm Springs visiting dear friends at a very cool shop, but passed on it. It has haunted me since. On Saturday a customer came in carrying this, saying she just found it at the antique mall, but voiced concern about how she was going to get it on the airplane and back home. After a bit of discussion, I had made a new friend and made a new purchase. It fit perfectly amongst some of our favorite things at the beach–English botanical prints, an oil still life of apples, a vintage blue Ball jar holding a scented geranium stem, an ephemera card with 2 W’s, and our magazine holder with all of our favorite past issues. Art in many forms.