Vintage Day

July 18, 2012

There are certain days when I spend most of my time doing a similar task, and yesterday was what I would call ‘vintage day’ and I was in heaven. I spent the entire day pricing and putting out vintage goods from our trips. What happens often, is I get back from a trip and all the vintage items go into storage and wait till I have time to price things. It seems like we just got back from our trip to New York & Chicago, but it was actually the very end of May. These things were screaming to be unpacked. Here is a look at some of the lovelies that were found.

20120718-062434.jpg Certain things become a prevailing theme when I vintage shop. I found tons of gorgeous silver. The Christofle martini shaker being a personal favorite. Old silver just makes me swoon. The look it takes on after years of use and polishing is just so beautiful.


20120718-063014.jpg Vintage silverware is always high on my list. We sell things individually, so someone can just buy one and use it for what they wish. The knives are always stylish to lay next to cheese as a nibble, when guests come over.


20120718-063400.jpg Ever since I bought that pair of English brass candlesticks from the estate of Albert Hadley, my love of the stuff has been rekindled. The uber tall twisted candlesticks are just amazing. TPS found all the other ones on the Sunday after our niece’s wedding, and I was just too tired to even think about vintage hunting. Again, we sell them individually, so you can mix & match. Most of these are 100 to 150 years old. When it is made well, it lasts.


20120718-064017.jpg In New York, I found these 2 Venetian pieces. They are a bit of a departure from what I usually pick up, but they just spoke to me. So handsome.




20120718-064405.jpg Vintage French bowls, sterling silver rimmed ashtrays we sell as candle coasters, clear glass salt cellars and pressed glass compotes all found a home on the shop floors waiting to find new homes and to be loved once again.