A Handsome Martini Shaker

August 18, 2012

20120818-095843.jpg I snapped this photo of the black glass martini shaker weeks ago when I was straightening up things around the shop. We have carried these for quite some time, but the beauty of it really caught me eye. Such a handsome shaker–perfect for whipping up a batch of martinis.

Speaking of martinis, we stayed true to a portion of our Friday night ritual last eve. We arrived in New York around 7, and had the car take us right to the London Terrace where we are staying in an apartment for the time we are here. Such a lovely, lovely building. One of my favorite things about the city is all the amazing things you can get delivered right to your door. A quick spin for a few provisions while TPS was out on his walk with Bailey, and we had fixings for our cocktail. A quick call and in no time we were sitting in the apartment having an out of this world Italian meal with our martini. Welcome to New York!