October 12, 2012

20121012-071305.jpg Good honey can be a bit like a good wine, layered with subtle complexities of flavor. The flavor also varies depending on what the bees feasted on that particular season. That brings us to TRU BEE. Each jar of this honey captures the taste of nature in a particular place and time. Rainfall, sunshine, bloom time–all take part in the unique taste of each harvest. That flavor may never be repeated again. Our order of the honey just arrived the other day. What I like is that it is bottled & labeled by the season harvested. The Spring honey is full of nectar from fruit trees. The honeybees making this vintage also foraged crimson clover and wild country privet. The Summer variety is deeper in flavor, from sun-drenched wildflowers and herbs, such as lavender & rosemary. Yum. A taste of the seasons from Tennessee.

I also love the lip balm they produce. Made from unbleached beeswax, sweet almond oil, peppermint essential oil, vitamin E and rosemary extract. Again, yum. All housed in a nifty clear container.