Vintage Love

November 15, 2012

20121115-055626.jpg My love affair with vintage objects began when I was a young kid in the Midwest. I was always searching out “old” pieces to add to collections I started. Funny, it has never stopped. It has been a life long activity that brings me tremendous joy. Searching for vintage goods for Watson Kennedy is an ongoing task that occurs almost daily. I read an article ages ago about the antiques dealer/design guru John Rosselli in New York. In it he said that he bought something for his stores every day. At the time, I was just beginning my retail life, and that seemed like such a distant dream but a goal had been set. I now feel so lucky to be able add vintage goods to our assortment on almost a daily basis. It is a task I relish. Here is what caught my eye yesterday of recent finds.

20121115-060754.jpg A beautiful assortment of black & white Wedgwood. The variety just makes my heart sing.

20121115-060936.jpg It is amazing how many thousands of vintage keys we have sold over the years. I still get a rush when I find an assortment.

20121115-061104.jpg Same with vintage educational flash cards. We always have stacks and stacks of them. I love watching customers sort through them finding just the right words.

20121115-061315.jpg Vintage nut crackers at just the right time of year.

20121115-061412.jpg And rarely have I ever met a vintage Champagne bucket I did not like.

20121115-061505.jpg I paired up these vintage door knobs that have been made into stoppers with decanters. The variety in the colors of the knobs quite beautiful.

20121115-061700.jpg I adore vintage French bottles. If they have red on them, even better.

20121115-061825.jpg Can one ever have too many candlesticks?

20121115-061922.jpg Or pretty boxes?

20121115-062002.jpg I go weak in the knees for stellar vintage cutlery. They just look so cool set out on a table. The knives make great little host/hostess gifts tied around a jar of jam or tied onto a cello bag with a piece of cheese. The possibilities are endless. Insert smiling face.

Happy Beaujolais Nouveau day to all!