Watson Kennedy on Shop Small at coco+kelley

December 9, 2012

20121209-060428.jpg We were delighted to be highlighted in the ‘Shop Small’ post of the fab blog, coco+kelley, last week. Cassandra Lavalle is one of our stylish customers who is the creator of said fab site, and she is featuring her favorite picks for independent retailers this Holiday season. Thank you so much, Cassandra, for the lovely mention, and the cool photos of the shop! The above photo is taken from that post. Check it all out at coco+kelley

It really is such a great reminder to shop and dine at independent local stores and restaurants. This time of year, but really always. They add so much personality & flavor to a community. It is often mentioned by customers in passing that there just are so few places left like WK. That comment saddens me when I hear it. When we travel, it is always the small shops & dining spots that we remember about a place, not how many chain stores a city or town had. Cheers to small local business!

A restful Sunday is my wish for everyone. A happy beginning of Hanukkah and Christmas activities to you all.