Vintage Savoy Hotel Silver

December 13, 2012

20121213-084013.jpg Just in, a stellar assortment of vintage hotel silver from The Savoy in London. Cocktail shakers, platters and bowls, oh my. My heart skipped a beat when I was unpacking the boxes–it all is so good. Handsome stuff. This is from the 60’s, and has been expertly re-silvered by a gentleman in England, before it takes the plane ride to the States. What I really like most about hotel silver is the durability of it. It is meant to be used and enjoyed. Hotel silver is food safe, so it can be used for tons of different things. My mind goes to bowls of nuts, dips and crackers. The shakers whipping up a mean martini. Think of the stories those shakers could tell. Plus, hotel silver is so visually pretty, it looks great left out.