More of My Favorite Things Today

December 21, 2012

20121221-062230.jpg The walk around continues of things that caught my eye. The variety of John Derian plates among many other bird things I found so appealing, all housed in an oversized birdhouse set against an entire wall of pages from old book pages and music sheets we pinned and double stick taped to the wall.

20121221-062706.jpg And I just can’t get enough of the gold hand engraved images from Dempsey & Carroll.

20121221-062914.jpg Or the tasty sea salt mixed with the gooey caramel in this Hammond’s milk chocolate bar.

20121221-063112.jpg Or the flavor combination of these French plums with Saint-andré cheese.

20121221-063427.jpg This cover caught my eye. I am so looking forward to catching up on hours and hours of reading next week when we are out on the island.

20121221-063645.jpg Speaking of island, this is a book we have sold over the years written by our dear friend Fred Albert who lives close to us on Vashon Island. We brought it in again as our pooch area has grown and grown. Such a great book.

20121221-063918.jpg These ceramic pears are actually measuring cups. These would look perfect on any counter they graced.

20121221-064122.jpg This is a local Seattle maker of bitters. These little sampler sets we just can’t seem to keep in stock, they are so popular. Fab graphics.

20121221-064330.jpg I am crazy for this heirloom tomato scented candle. I like the very simple, yet strong, graphic and presentation of these.

20121221-064527.jpg Horn bangles in a variety of earthy shades and sizes.

20121221-064630.jpg A big basket of mini conch shells that just brings a smile to my face when I stroll by it each day.

20121221-064824.jpg And the walk around concludes with this French candle by Geodesis. The balsam fir scent just reminding me of row after row of Christmas trees and the heady, green scent that brings to mind.

A happy Friday to you all. I hope your day is filled with great stuff. How is it Christmas on Tuesday already?