A Full Day of Display

January 6, 2013

20130106-101030.jpg For those of you who read the blog posts with any regularity, you know this already. For those of you who are new readers, a full day of doing display work at the shop is my idea of pure bliss. There is just something about a full day of creativity, of just opening myself up to the visual world. Pure heaven for me. It is almost like I go into a trance. Some people visualize words or numbers, I visualize displays. Row after row of product, table after table of goods put together.

20130106-101900.jpg The shops looked a little ragged after the Holiday season. It is just the nature of the business. The goal is to make them sparkly for the new year. It is a challenge all of us take on at WK as soon as January 2nd rolls around.

20130106-102240.jpg To put the pieces of the visual puzzle back together.

20130106-102347.jpg Heather pulled the front table together with a message for 2013.

20130106-102520.jpg While Amy put back together and refreshed what we lovingly refer to as birdland.

20130106-102720.jpg I love mixing in something vintage to the displays.

20130106-102820.jpg And if a grouping of flashcards can be included–even better.

20130106-102959.jpg The stunning Denise Fiedler hydrangea looking great under the giant cloche pulling the whole table together.

20130106-103233.jpg Then let the layering begin. I really like having tons of variety together on a table, and trying to make sense of it all. Displaying by color is something I began doing as far back as when I had my wholesale showroom. It has become a Watson Kennedy trademark. I thinking it ends up pulling all the disparate pieces together making them a collective whole.

20130106-103718.jpg Potted plants and fresh flowers always finding a home.


20130106-103857.jpg There is just something so refreshing about seeing multiples of one thing lined up. I really like the abundance of it.

When I won the national Retail Excellence Award a few years ago in New York, I made comment in my acceptance speech how the hat I most like to wear as a retailer is the display hat. There is just something I feel while doing it–a freeness. Sort of like it is what I am supposed to be doing. It just makes me feel incredibly happy, creative and complete.

A lovely Sunday to you all.