Vintage Paper as Bobèche

January 25, 2013

20130125-080337.jpg There is just some quality about old paper that I find magical. We use pages from old books that are falling apart in displays at the shops all of the time. I think of it a bit like recycling, as the pages get to be enjoyed by all, instead of falling out of an unread book. The beauty of the words on yellowed old paper so lovely.

20130125-080803.jpg Awhile back I was in search of spiffy-ing up a few candelabra at home. I was also having challenges getting the candles to fit. That is when I stared using vintage book pages to add a bit of visual interest as a bobèche.

Main Entry: bo·beche
Pronunciation: \bō-ˈbesh, -ˈbāsh\
Function: noun
Etymology: French bobèche
Date: 1855
: a usually glass collar on a candle socket to catch drippings or on a candlestick or chandelier to hold suspended glass prisms

20130125-081343.jpg Plus I love that word. Kind of rolls off of the tongue. The paper creating a version in place of a glass collar. I think they look swell even when the candles are not lit.

20130125-081627.jpg A word of caution. Like all candles, they should never be left unattended. I always try and use really tall beeswax candles so by the end of the dinner the flames is still nowhere near the paper. Beauty with an eye towards safety. I just really like seeing the words & images on the pages and using something that would potentially be discarded and bringing it back to life.