Let the Hearts Begin!

February 2, 2013

20130202-074917.jpg We have been opening up just the coolest heart stuff for Valentine’s Day. This really is such a fun loving holiday, to be shared by all. Our baskets are brimming with cards, and each shop is decked out with the front table in heart festiveness. When I was a little kid I adored Valentine’s Day and all the events that happened at school. I don’t think that enthusiasm has waned much, as I think it is still a pretty joyous few weeks to show those you love how much you care. More posts in the coming week of more heart-centric goods.

Have any of you started enjoying Instagram? I opened an account last year, but have only recently really started posting photos to the site with regularity. I find social media incredibly fascinating, and have come to realize folks tend to choose a few outlets to get involved in–if interested, follow along:
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