My Favorite Things Today

February 7, 2013

20130207-054758.jpg A quick spin around the shop yesterday to do a little straightening and I snapped a few things that caught my eye. Some very new for us, others staples–all stuff I love. The above French boxes of matches looking swell in an oversized clear vintage apothecary jar. These matches are cool enough to leave sitting out on the table at the ready.

20130207-055130.jpg Spools of varying colors of baker’s twine that are always a hit and great to have on hand for quick wrapping projects of any sort.

20130207-055255.jpg My weakness for vintage Champagne buckets strikes again. I like the shapes, the fonts, pretty much everything about old buckets.

20130207-055504.jpg It was somewhat comical how long it took for us to get this candle in stock, as I had ordered it last August. But alas, the rosemary has landed, and I just know it was worth the wait.

20130207-060332.jpg One of my very favorite of all-time Hugo Guinness linoleum cut prints housed in a vintage frame.

20130207-060449.jpg Loving these simple gift tags.

20130207-060617.jpg A piece by artist Sue Tackmier that just makes my heart sing. She composes vignettes in old cigar boxes. This is just all good.

20130207-060830.jpg My adoration continues for these incredibly heavy clear ball candlesticks. We have carried these for awhile, and just received another large order of them. Singly or massed together in multiples, this is my favorite candlestick at the moment. Just pretty.

20130207-061124.jpg These quite thin clear stubby goblets would work for so many types of beverages. I think they would also look grand filled with blooms as a low vase on a dining table.

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed the quick spin around and what caught my eye. A happy Thursday to each and every one of you in your part of the world. Thank you, always, for reading.
Bestest, Ted