English Soup Spoons & Lovely Memories

February 22, 2013

20130222-071407.jpg In keeping with the beauty of an object from the post yesterday, I snapped this photo after I freshly polished these soup spoons we found on a vintage buying trip to London years back. Simple objects can bring back such great memories and give such pleasure. Standing at the sink polishing each spoon, I remembered the day we found them, the feel of being in London and the excitement of vintage shopping for the entire day. For a moment I was transported. Polishing silver can certainly do that. We have used these spoons every time we have served soup since that trip. That is why I love purchasing things when traveling–they become such a lovely reminder.

Ahhhhh technology. I woke up this morning and my WordPress app on my iPhone was completely different and not loading. I am tapping this post out on my iPad, which I have never done before. Fingers crossed this gets to you….