A Collection of Green Glass

March 1, 2013

20130301-091121.jpg Collections can begin without you really even knowing it. We were traveling years back, with Prague being one of the much anticipated spots we would visit. We stumbled into a shop and spotted the green single stem vase that is at the far right in the back. It spoke to both of us. Little did we know then that it would be the beginning of a green glass collection.

20130301-091435.jpg We then started finding drinking glasses on other trips, so we started adding those to what was now becoming a collection. They stack quite nicely so we are able to fit quite a variety in a small area on the open shelving, which also allows us to visually enjoy them each time we walk into the kitchen.

20130301-091814.jpg Then candlesticks were added to the mix, as well as gifts that friends have given. The 2 goblets are also from Prague, that were an incredibly lovely gift. What I like most about our green glass collection is that we get to use parts of it almost every day. Yes, pieces have broken along the way, but we don’t let that stop the enjoyment factor. It is a working collection, meant to used & enjoyed, often.