Loving New

March 12, 2013

20130312-084631.jpg Having been away for the shops for a week, the first thing I do when I get back is walk around and see what new things came in when I was gone.

20130312-084807.jpg I think part of being a good retailer is trying to see things through the eyes of your customers. What do they see when they first walk in the door? Is there new product to excite them?

20130312-085022.jpg Having new product interspersed with tried & true goods makes for interestingly visual displays. It freshens them up.

20130312-085213.jpg I think of the shops as always evolving. Nothing trendy, but staying on top of what is fresh.

20130312-085535.jpg While we have worked with many of the same vendors since we began, looking for new things in their line is key to keeping things evolving and new.

20130312-085720.jpg Goods that are classic, yet new. They just refresh all that is around it.

20130312-085827.jpg I am always looking for things that compliment goods we already carry. These napkins working perfectly with this cookbook that has been a best seller for us.

20130312-090019.jpg And it is hard to beat a fresh flower to liven up a display. That is what caught my eye when I did a quick walk around this morning. All the new that I love. For today. That is what makes it all interesting–as there is new arriving each day.