Creativity at Work

June 12, 2013

20130612-080052.jpg The new design books tour at the shops continues with ‘Creativity at Work’ by Heather Clawson, who writes the visually rich blog, Habitually Chic. I am loving this book because it looks into the office spaces of some very creative folk. These office spaces have nothing to do with cubicles. At all. It is so interesting to see the layering of objects, artwork, and furniture choices of these highly creative individuals. From the colorful office of Jenna Lyons, Creative Director at J.Crew, with a large white table surrounded by cool, mix & match chairs (which we do around our dining table in town–I have always loved that look & feel), to the warm lived-in feel office vibe of Lorin Stein, who is the Editor of The Paris Review–this book is filled with interesting design ideas. Page after page of them. Shot by Heather herself, which I greatly admire, you really get an inside look into such a grand variety of spaces.