Watson Kennedy Shop Vignettes

July 9, 2013

20130709-065059.jpg I think of a vignette as a glimpse of an area of an assortment of things. If they are thoughtfully & artfully displayed, all the better. It is one of the elements that excites me the most when creating displays for the shops. A single display can contain one vignette or many. Here are a few I captured this last week as I walked around each space.











20130709-070340.jpg Vignettes can create much visual interest in your home too. Just think about telling a bit of a story with the objects that you are displaying together. A good vignette can add a bit of zing to any room.

The above images I shot for my Instagram feed as well. On the right side of the blog are the last 10 images I have posted. I have really been enjoying Instagram these past few months. It is sort of like keeping a visual journal. If you are part of Instagram and would like to follow along, I am at tkwinstagrams. Or you can randomly check into the feed on the daily blog too, for images I shoot along the way. A happy Tuesday to you all!
Best from sunny Seattle, Ted