The Sweetest Thing

August 6, 2013

20130806-072709.jpg Keeping up with mail, both in the snail form as well as the computer form can be a challenge for many of us. I have a vintage locker basket in the office at Watson Kennedy that serves as my mailbox. Try as I might, that poor thing can often times be bulging at the seams. Such was the case last week, when I sat down and sorted through at least 2 weeks of mail, possibly more. Actually, certainly more. Is it really necessary that I get a J. Crew catalog, no, make that 3 J. Crew catalogs at work? Into recycle bins went stuff after stuff. Until I landed on the above envelope. Out came just the sweetest rendering of the ‘Fine Living’ shop in the Market. I was just utterly charmed. What a kind gift from someone I did not know. My mail time had gone from blah to fab in a matter of moments. I instantly grabbed my iPad to e-mail the artist in thanks, and asked if she would come and do little drawings of vignettes of the shops that we could make into cards and sell. I am excited to say I am meeting with the artist and giver of this lovely gift, Toni Santos, this Friday. I look forward to sharing some of those with you in the coming months.