Vintage Hotel Silver English Toast Racks

September 4, 2013

20130904-074403.jpg Recently arrived at the shops from my buying trip, vintage toast racks from England. This assortment are hotel silver quality and all have been re-silvered, so they have been brought back to shiny goodness. Most have a hotel name stamped into them, such as The Ritz. These bring back such great memories for me. The family I lived with when I went to school in London had one and it was put to good use each morning. Seeing one of these filled-up with toast just warms my heart. They have become harder and harder to find over the years, so I was thrilled when I found such a good number of them. Not just for toast. They are dandy on a desk holding mail or a side table holding photos. They are just pretty, pretty objects on their own looking great with nothing in them at all.