Monogrammed Throw Blankets

October 19, 2013

20131019-084812.jpg By now, I am sure you have clued into the fact that I quite like monogramming. Even as a young kid, I loved having my shirts monogrammed. Not the norm for the small town in the Midwest I grew up in. It combines my love of letters & fonts, while also personalizing an item. It makes it yours. We have been carrying these incredibly cool super soft throw blankets at Watson Kennedy for the past few years. They have been a major hit, as they launder beautifully and are just really snugly. When I was at the show in August re-ordering them, they mentioned that they are now offering monograms to the blankets too. A winning combo. Of course, 2 green with Hawthorne ‘H’s were the first added to the order–had to make sure they were good. They are! Allow 4 weeks, and we can have these lovely blankets monogrammed for you. Really such a great gift as we move into the Holidays. To give, or to keep.