Clare Goddard at Watson Kennedy

October 24, 2013

20131024-050350.jpg I am delighted to report that all the works from Clare Goddard are back from our framer and are soon to be gracing our walls. We will hang them all tomorrow, but I was so excited to share some with you today. You might recall from one of my posts from August when I bought the pieces when I was at the show in New York. I have been a fan of Clare’s work for years. She showed next to me when I had my wholesale business and would exhibit in the Accent on Design section in San Francisco. Her found objects, layered, ephemera collages have always just spoken to me on so many different levels. I framed most of the works in vintage frames, very similar to how we do the Hugo Guinness pieces. The vintage frames echoing the patina of her artwork. Since each is a one of a kind, please let me know if one catches your eye and I can get you sizing and price.