I Am Fiddy

November 23, 2013

20131123-061031.jpg And it feels so good. I think we are so lucky to get to be whatever age we are. I have felt this way since my father was diagnosed with cancer in his mid fifties. The above photo was sent to me yesterday from my brother. The note attached said it was from the first meeting of Watson Kennedy, as it looks like I am taking notes. That photo and that comment just made me cry. But in a very good way. On this my 50th birthday, I am thinking so much of my dad and wishing he could be here with me to celebrate the day. But I know he is. Just in a different way. It is 6 a.m. and I am just about to go out and hit my first tennis ball in twenty years this morning. I had just the most wonderful dinner last night with my husband, just us two, at home, with Bailey snuggled up on her Burberry blanket next to the dining table. A yummy dinner with a special bottle of wine from our trip to Santa Barbara earlier in the year. We just talked and talked about all the cool stuff we have been so fortunate to do in the last 25+ years. I am one lucky/fortunate/blessed fellow. I feel it each day and am grateful always.

Someone at the shop asked me the other day about my life philosophy as I reach 50. It really has not changed much over the years, but rather gets stronger. We are all so fortunate for this moment, today, right now. Each day. Always. It is what we have. Enjoy it. Thrive in that moment. The small moments make up our life, our story.

Thank you all, for being part of mine.
Much, much love,