Anatomy of a Window Display

May 2, 2014

We are in full gear getting things ready for the book launch on May 6th. I have been waiting for the front windows to get refreshed, and this seemed like the perfect time. The book would take center stage for both windows. Yesterday the first one was completed. Amy, who has worked for me for more than 15 years, and Heather for more than 10, were both part of getting these whipped into shape. We know each other so well that we almost don’t have to speak. We just know what the other is thinking. I feel so honored, always, to have them by my side. These windows have huge meaning to all of us. It was an absolute sunny ‘perfect’ Seattle day to be climbing in & out of the windows for a day full of display.

20140502-053547.jpg The book cover would be the prevailing theme on this window. The floor got a fresh paint job. Heather was in full-on painting mode yesterday. A nice fresh white for the floor to pull from the white of the title. We decided to leave the vintage paper background from the previous window and build off of that. The color copies of the cover would be scattered about the wall. Then we step back and think.

20140502-053852.jpg We knew which table we wanted to use and we wanted to treat it like a desk. The green lamp gets added to add a bit of light and green. Heather mentions adding a typewriter. Done. The title is added to the sheet in the typewriter. The working mock-up I got from my publisher in the Fall was scattered on the floor and stacked next to the typewriter to look as it did when I was working on the lay-out and pages. The irony of it all is I actually typed using my iPhone when writing the book, just like I do each morning creating this blog post. We went for a more Old School approach for the window…

20140502-054325.jpg We are all in agreement that it needs a vase and a bloom of something. A scented geranium stem would be called into action. Amy & I laugh ourselves silly trying to sharpen a wood pencil. Humor and laughing always play a big part in a day of display. We go outside as a trio and just look. Back in to tweak a bit. Back outside to look again. This process can happen many times. We wanted it nice and clean and simple. A completed book was added right at the end. The sun shining intensely through the window with the Watson Kennedy sign shadowing onto the wall making for a cool last photo image. What a fun day.