June 8, 2014

20140608-072242.jpg This envelope arrived for me the other day. I really can’t stop looking at it. So incredibly beautiful. By now, if you read my posts with any regularity you know how important I think handwritten notes & letters are. They have always been important, but I think in this day of heavy computer/smart phone usage, a handwritten note is even more important because we so rarely use our penmanship any longer. There are times that it seems like weeks can pass that I don’t pick up a pen. When I do, my penmanship feels rusty. A faint version of what it used to be like. There has been quite a bit of press of late of the lack of teaching penmanship in schools. The studies of how it uses parts of our brain to spur creativity I find fascinating. Bottom line, keeping our handwriting going is really important on many levels.

The above example is pretty off the charts with goodness, but it is an example of a tremendous amount of love and care that went into all of it. Not only is the script stunning, but the attention to detail of the stamps chosen and the color of the envelope just make it like a work of art to me. Receiving this sweet note spurred something in me. I want to write more notes. The happiness I felt receiving this, I want others to feel that same happiness. Book busy-ness has made me slip this last year in my regular note sending. I have a challenge for myself and if you would like to join me in the challenge, that would be grand. I know many of you already do this, as I am often the recipient of your kind notes. Let’s write a note a week to friends. Truly, it does not have to be long. A few sentences really. It can be a thank-you note, a just thinking of you note, whatever. Think of how much happiness it will bring. In a year, we will each have made over 50 friends/acquaintances feel a bit of joy. I know how I feel when I reach into the mailbox and pull out pounds of unwanted mail and then spot that bit of handwriting on one special piece. My heart beats faster. Who is it from? I can’t wait to get to the desk to open it up.

Katie, if you are reading this, please know how lovely receiving your beautiful note was to me. I am passing on that joy. Thank you for your kindness and sending such beauty.