My Favorite Things Today

June 12, 2014

20140612-063325.jpg Yesterday I spent part of the day on display which always gets me focused on the product and spiffing things up a bit. The other day at the Market shop the same happened. Here is what caught my eye. The above my new favorite ribbon. I am a goner for anything with numbers on it, and this tape measure ribbon makes my heart flutter. Perfect wrapped around a birthday gift.

20140612-063640.jpg The black & white French Pillivuyt section getting a new shipment added and a little refresh yesterday.


20140612-063840.jpg I always feel really lucky when I find matching Champagne buckets. This time I found 2 matching sets. Love these for holding orchids or topiaries. Or just naked the way they are looking quite smashing.

20140612-064034.jpg Two favorite brands mixing it all together. Swoon.



20140612-064352.jpg I find display like working on a puzzle. I love putting all the pieces together. Above 3 displays at the Market shop that got a little tightening.


20140612-064554.jpg Always happy to move a few new Hugo Guinness around and have them find a happy temporary home.

20140612-064719.jpg The hotel silver section getting a little polish and shine.

20140612-064841.jpg The Juliska and Molton Brown unit at Living getting a nice clean and straightening.

20140612-065009.jpg And lastly, a display at the Home store that is all ready for Father’s Day week-end. Display really is a daily thing at Watson Kennedy, but some days it becomes the better part of a day, which I always love.

A happy Thursday to you all…