Shirley Horn, I Remember Miles

July 5, 2014

20140705-061815.jpg We are always quite thirsty for new/old music at the shops. Music plays from the moment the doors are unlocked in the morning until the last sales is rung up in the early eve. Music is such a vital part of the Watson Kennedy environment, so I choose it quite carefully. It must set a tone. It has to be enjoyable but not be too intrusive. This is the first post of what will be many of music that stirs an emotion. Most will be what we sell at the shops, but not always. I thought to myself the other day, “Why have I never written about music?” So it begins.

Shirley Horn sets a mood. She just does. When this CD arrived last week I could hardly wait to open it. We have long been a fan, so anytime we can add to her collection, I am quite happy. This is her ode to her friend Miles Davis. Just typing the names Miles Davis and Shirley Horn makes me giddy. She opened for his quintet in the early-sixties at the Village Vanguard. Shirley performed 3 standards that turned the trumpeter’s head. He soon recorded them on his landmark LP Seven Steps To Heaven. Here she sings those classics, as well as others. We have been listening to it non-stop since it arrived.