{BOOK SIGNING} Met Market Sand Point + FedEx Ads Filmed at Watson Kennedy

July 17, 2014

I will be signing Style & Simplicity this afternoon at the Sand Point Metropolitan Market from 4 to 6 here in Seattle. If you are in the area, please stop by. Met Market is just one heck of a grocery store. Meticulous, beautifully stocked, and just the nicest folks working there. I am so honored they are carrying my book.

We had a seriously fun thing happen yesterday at one of the shops. We were asked if the First & Spring location could be used to shoot FedEx print and film ads. Being a big fan of FedEx, how could I say no? Actually, I said a big YES quite quickly, as I knew it would be a blast, and it was! Famed photographer Doug Menuez from New York shot the print portion, and I feel terribly as I am not finding my note with the name of the fab gent who shot the film portions. Both were so gracious and so lovely to work with. I was fortunate to be part of both portions of the shoots. Our beloved Amy was called into action for one of the print shots with me, which was really cool. Makes me smile to know a little bit of Watson Kennedy will grace some of the FedEx world ads in the coming year. Not sure when things will start showing up, but please send me an e-mail if you see any pop up in your neck of the woods. Really, such a fun day!