Studio Tour: Wayne Pate

August 28, 2014

20140828-053414.jpg One of the very, very fun things I did when in New York this last visit was to have a personal tour of the studio of artist Wayne Pate. We are so fortunate to sell some original works of Wayne’s at Watson Kennedy, so I was honored to be in the work space where the creation happens. I love being in the studio of an artist. I find it so intriguing to see the objects and things they have around them when they create. In this case, Wayne’s studio is also in the Brooklyn brownstone he calls home with his wife, clothing designer Rebecca Taylor, and their 3 young children. So it was an even more special treat to see their stylish & beautiful home too. I clicked away in both spaces, so you are in for a treat.

20140828-054302.jpg His studio is on the 2 lowest floors of the brownstone, filled with his artwork and objects that inspire him. The walls are also littered with other works of art that inspire him, as well. Bookshelves become tableaus of visual treats at every turn. Tabletops become their own story.





20140828-055014.jpg Then I got to see stack after stack of his work. I was a little lightheaded from all the beauty in one space. To be surrounded by so much work is truly quite something.






20140828-055459.jpg Wayne also has a brisk print making business of his work which he ships out himself. He is going to be working on a custom tote for Watson Kennedy, which I am over the moon about. Details later when we get closer to the release date. Being a lover of customized tape, it was fun to see stacks of his cool packing tape with his work on it. Check out the lovely prints on his site at

We then headed out to the hydrangea lined backyard of the brownstone that is filled with inspiration for Wayne. You often see the lines of plant leaves in his work. Urns and containers also are a recurring theme. Cool to see the actual ‘things’ that catch his eye and inspire a work.



20140828-060805.jpg Wayne follows my Instagram feed so he knows of my fondness for hydrangea. So cool to see them line the entire courtyard.

20140828-061002.jpg Then it was up to the kitchen/living room floor for a libation and a look around the glorious living room. We share an affinity for Domaine Tempier Bandol rosé, so he had a bottle chilled. Looking at all this beauty can make you thirsty. Insert one very large smile. Believe me, I was smiling when he cracked open that bottle of rosé. Yum.



20140828-061628.jpg Soon, we were joined by his in-laws who were visiting from New Zealand. Then his wife Rebecca arrived home from her studio where she was busy working away on details for her upcoming ‘Fashion Week’ show. Then his 3 kids joined in. I felt like part of the family. It is a house filled with love. You can feel it at every turn. Things are just things, but when they are chosen with great care, when all culled together, it creates a home. In this case one very stylish home.

20140828-062532.jpg And in that lovely home filled with great love in that beautiful art filled living room sat my book. I was so touched. It really was such a special evening and such a treat. The life of an artist is a reminder to me of seeing all the details. They capture those details in their work. Colors, shapes, forms, compositions–they surround us always.