A Day of Visual Inspiration

February 18, 2015

20150218-035114.jpg I spent the better part of a day yesterday at the showrooms placing orders for new goods for Watson Kennedy. It always feels a little bit like going home, as that is where I started on my retail adventure over 20 years ago. I find such visual inspiration being surrounded by so many things. Very similar to me walking a show, it is a bit like a puzzle. Finding pieces that fit together to tell the story I am trying to tell at the shops.

20150218-035700.jpg I also picked up lamps I was having rewired as well as did a little vintage hunting. It was a full day of inspiration. Both of the books pictured will be coming our way too. I started the day ordering books and I ended my day at the showrooms ordering books. Yes, I was in heaven. To be surrounded by rooms filled to the brim with books to sort through can be daunting, but I find it the ultimate needle in the haystack experience.