A Little Refresh

April 17, 2015

20150417-073133.jpg Rearranging at the shops is really not all that different from doing it at home. Yesterday I decided to refreshen a little area at the Market shop. This happens to me at home as well as the shops, I walk by a spot and I think to myself time and again ‘I have got to change/tweak/move that’ but then I go onto something more pressing. My lesson here is to start small. A major re-do of a room can be completely overwhelming, so we put it off and it does not get done. By breaking down the room, and in my case yesterday, the store, into segments/areas it is far less daunting a task to tackle. Rehang a few pieces of artwork, rework stacks of books, change out candles in candlesticks, move around lamps, swap out decorative objects–whatever stirs you at the time. You will be amazed at what it does for the rest of the room. Kind of like wearing a new pair of shoes and it completely spiffs up the rest of your outfit, even if you have had it for ages.

Happy Friday!