Strength in Numbers

May 5, 2015

20150505-063017.jpg Aside from the heavy reflection of the car in the glass, the thought today centers on repetition. I just could not get a shot of this window without the car front and center. Apologies. OK, back to the post. We can all take home design ideas from windows we see at shops. Snippets we can incorporate into our own home. Here I used lots of the same thing over and over again. Starfish, green glass bottles, white cake plates, seashells–all in multiples to create a strong visual. Strength in numbers. Think of this for dining table tops, coffee table tops and bookshelves. Pull all of what you have of one thing, then display them together. They don’t even all have to match, say brass candlesticks of varying shapes & sizes, but they are all of the same family. Together they help create and tell a visual story.