Shredding Scissors in Seattle Magazine

June 6, 2015

20150606-063018.jpg Was delighted to see the full page spread of a pair of our quite cool and oh so useful shredding scissors in Seattle Magazine yesterday. A customer came up to me holding this page that he had cut out of the magazine. I knew one of the editors had borrowed a pair for a photo shoot, but I was tickled to see how fun the shot turned out. The scissors really are quite something. We have sold them for years. Perfect to have in the kitchen to snip herbs, such as chives. Equally great at the desk for manual shredding. But what we like to use them for the most at the shops is fringing the edges of tissue and wrapping paper. Plus the red handles makes them interesting visually to leave out as a conversation piece.

A happy Saturday to each and every one of you…
From sunny Seattle,