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The Deepest Dahlias

20150831-094944.jpgThese dahlias captivated me the moment I set eyes on them. They were so deep and dark, they appeared black at first. Just gorgeous. But the photos actually capture the true tone & color. So rich. Dreamy really.




A Sunday Thought




The Stroll Continues…

The walk around the shops continues on this rainy (wow, have never been quite so excited for rain) Saturday early morning. More of new, and of course, tried & true.
















My Favorite Things Today

It has only been a little over a week since I have been back from buying at the show in New York and things have already begun to arrive. A quick walk around yesterday at the end of the day produced some goods & vignettes of both the newest of new and also the tried & true. More tomorrow too.















Ted’s Tip No. 45

20150827-053505.jpg For a ‘just because’ gift, next time you are shopping pick up an additional crate of plums/flat of berries/bag of apples, whatever looks freshest at the moment. Then present that to a friend or neighbor out of the blue. A sweet gift & gesture, just because.



Domaine de Fontsainte Gris de Gris

20150826-071959.jpg I promised lots of rosé options this season, and by golly, I have taken my homework assignment seriously. Yes, I have a big grin on my face. Kind of like when my dad used to say as his fork came darting in the direction of our dinner plate, “I just have to have a bite to make sure it is good for you.” Which always made me laugh as a kid. So I will continue to taste away and make sure all these rosé options are good for you…

Domaine de Fontsainte, Gris de Gris, is a bottle we have tried before, but it was some time ago. All this early Summer heat has many wine shops & grocery wine departments depleted of quite a bit of their rosé. So trying new bottles is the option. This is a really lovely wine, and it hits that under 20 bucks I think can be spent to have a really nice rosé. The first vineyards at Domaine de Fontsainte, in the Corbières appellation, were planted by the Romans. Artifacts found in these vineyards, such as an old coin dating from the time of Marcus Agrippa in 25 A.D., are a testament to its antiquity. It is imported to the states by Kermit Lynch out of Berkeley, which is always a good sign to me that a stellar bottle is ahead. I don’t think I have ever had a Kermit Lynch wine I did not like.

From the maker:
A crystalline salmon colour with superb amethyst tints. Fine separate legs run slowly down the glass.
Expressive and particularly tonic, the wine immediately gives off notes of raspberry, cherry and freshly picked strawberries – followed by exotic aromas such as pineapple and mango.

Fine separate legs run slowly down the glass. Gotta love wine speak. What really shined for me were the raspberry, cherry and strawberry notes. This rosé has a bit going on, which I rather like, so I think it works great with food. As we head into the final weeks of Summaaa, this is a fab choice when trying a new rosé. Happy Wednesday all!



Grilled/Roasted Cauliflower

20150825-054156.jpg In addition to those amazing dinner plate dahlias, I also found some stellar looking cauliflower at the Market on Saturday. A small little variety perfect for grilling whole. If you are not a griller, roasting in the oven would be swell too. The idea here is to leave the veg intact, so the presentation when it is served, you still are seeing the whole head of cauliflower, not bits & pieces. Whether grilled or roasted, just slather them with extra virgin olive oil and salt to help them get nice and caramelized. Think of it like sun tan lotion for the cauliflower. Turn often so the heads cook evenly. Either take the leaves off before cooking or leave them on for an earthy presentation. Nestle them up next to a piece of meat or pasta. Or both. TPS grilled marinated flank steak and also made a pesto pasta from all the fab basil available right now. The cauliflower getting a bit charred from the grill making a heavenly trio. Whatever you end up serving it with, I think you will love them. Cheers to late August produce!




From Bucket to Table


20150824-063804.jpg It all began on Saturday at the Market with bucket after bucket of these grand dinner plate dahlias. I knew they were the ones the moment I spotted them.

20150824-063945.jpg They would make the journey to the island that eve. At least once a season this type and riotous color of dahlia makes it to WestWard. They just speak to me of late August Summer. Above them awaiting to be placed on the dining table.




20150824-064523.jpg A simple table setting where the dancing dahlias take center stage. Often I cut them quite short and have the heads just resting on top of short glasses. These wanted to be taller so I left the stems intact and cut them so the stems would be below chin level when we sat for the meal and could easily see one another. The sun setting right as Sunday supper began.




A Bounty of Tomatoes

This time of year the bounty of tomatoes is something else. Tomatoes are one of those things I could photograph every day, as well as love seeing how other folks capture them on social media & magazines. There is a simple beauty to the shape, color, size and variation to each. More than taking pictures of them, I adore eating them. Just as they are, adorned with a pinch of sea salt, or mixed with a variety of things to make a healthy meal. Little works of art they are.


















Saturday Thought