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Mirrored Tennis Rackets Back In Stock

20160331-080159.jpg A fresh round of vintage wood tennis rackets with mirrors in place of the strings arrived the other day. The word ‘vintage’ used loosely as these are like some of the models I used to learn to play. You get the idea though. Love these! Just a fun sporty way to add a little interest where you would like a mirror or an unusual object.



More Inspiration in Yellow

The sun was out yesterday as well as today and it just feels so darn good. It has me again thinking of and being inspired by yellow. In many things, in many ways.













Energizing Yellow Goodness

20160329-075036.jpg If it seems like I am a bit tulip crazed, I am. There are just so many amazing varieties when I am walking the Market, that by the time I make a choice, I am a bit light-headed with delight. The above I had never seen before–deep, deep yellow with a bits of hot pink. Yellow is such an energizing color. A little indoor sunshine. Happy Tuesday all!



Ted’s Tip No. 60

20160328-082453.jpg The next time you make cookies share part of the batch with an elderly neighbor or a friend who could use a pick me up. Sharing food you made is such a gracious act. Just think of the happiness you will have created by such a simple gesture.



An Easter Sunday Thought




Chocolate LOVE

A few good pieces of a really good chocolate bar or caramel can brighten up any day. Over the past few years we have added more and more of them to our offerings at the Home store + our shop at the Hotel 1000, as well as our website. We have customers who pop in for their favorite bar each week. Some folks have a mid-day coffee, others have a bit of chocolate. Swell for adult Easter baskets too. The light continues to be pretty darn swell here in Seattle, so I clicked away a few at the end of the day.













To See

20160325-062339.jpg A Friday French word to add to our growing list. The letter V is such a beautiful and strong symbol. May we ‘see’ all the beauty that surrounds us.



My Favorite Things Today

The light has been ever so lovely this past week which has made snapping away new favorites an easy task. From artwork to earrings to olives, I am continually on the hunt for the very best in class. Here is the grouping of goods that caught my eye over the last few days.













Dino’s Tomato Pie

20160323-061151.jpg Pizza has played a central character in my life since I was a little kid. We had pizza night once a week growing up. The Midwest town I grew up in had many several generation Italian families who owned pizzerias. For a fairly small town there was quite a large number to choose from, so we always had lots of options each week and we loved trying them all and comparing over the years. My brother and his family still live there and we still talk pizza when we are back visiting. I think I have mentioned this before, but my Dad was a major lover of food. The joke was we would be having lunch and he would be planning where/what to have for dinner.

So you can imagine my excitement when I started hearing the buzz many months ago about a new pizza place a close walk away from our home in the city. Brandon Pettit and his wife/business partner Molly Wizenberg are known in this town for amazing pizza. So I knew this new establishment would be a hit. Given the line out the door on a Tuesday eve, Dino’s has just within a few weeks become a pizza mecca. We have a niece from back East visiting who joined us as well as our niece that lives in Seattle. The four of us were quite, emphasis on quite, happy dining away on divine pizza & salad, while we shared stories, and laughed, and laughed some more. There was a fab review in The Seattle Times that paints the picture even further. A stand-out addition to the ever expanding Capitol Hill food roster. Run, don’t walk, as it is that good! Plus the running, or walking for that matter, will help burn off all that yummy pizza…

Happy Wednesday all!



More Tulip Tales

20160322-064535.jpg With Spring in action, and the sun shining a bit more, the tulips seem to be stretching and doing a dance to the light. The Market stalls brimming with so many varieties of tulips, it makes my Saturday morning stroll tougher & tougher to choose which ones to enjoy. I know, such troubles. These red beauties won out, for all of us to enjoy!