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Ted’s Tip No. 68

If you have oodles of hydrangea, cut some and give to a friend out of the blue. If your lemon trees are full, surprise guests with a bag as they depart your party. Sharing what is plentiful in our lives is such a gracious & fulfilling gesture. It also makes for very happy friends. 



Jack Rudy Tonic Trio

20160629-035916.jpg Just In, and just in time for Summer gift giving. For all the G&T lovers in your world. Jack Rudy is regarded as some of the best tonic mix out there. This trio is a sampling of his blends all packaged up in a nifty little box. We had a G&T station set up as guests arrived out on the island this past week-end, the assortment at the ready along with a mix of gins and other tonics, limes & a big bucket of ice. Just add a bit of sparkling water or just use straight from the bottle mixed in the drink, for a truly unique twist on this most classic of cocktails.  Available at the Fine Home shop and up soon on the website.




Cooking with Kids

20160628-053824.jpg Encouraging youngsters to enjoy cooking has always been big in our household. Our nieces over the years have cooked up some pretty amazing meals with and for us, and it has been so fun to watch them get better and better at it as the years progressed. They are now grown and are all impressive cooks, with one of them a well-regarded chef in New York (I know, I am a very proud Uncle), the below photo taken last Summer with paella on the menu. When our 8 year old godson Magnus recently said to TPS that he wanted to cook a meal with him, they started planning the menu on the spot. This Sunday was the day.
Steamed clams with pesto bruschetta
Grilled shrimp
Orzo pasta with grilled cauliflower & broccoli + tomatoes
Grilled portobellos with parmesan
Flourless chocolate cake with raspberries
Blueberry & peach crisp
It was cool to watch him in the kitchen cutting, mixing and cooking away. I think when I was that age I was making peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. The rest of us chatted the afternoon away out on the deck in the sun as they cooked away and then were treated to all the above. What a special meal, what a special day.




The Latest Flower Magazine Has Arrived

20160627-072503.jpg I was honored when asked to write one of the articles for the current flower magazine. My love of Instagram was showing, as I interviewed 3 of the top flower photographers in the business, Miguel Flores-Vianna, Stacy Bass and Ngoc Minh Ngo. They shared their tips for setting up & shooting images from smart phones. It is something so many of us do daily from our mobile devices, so getting some pointers is always a good thing. The trio could not have been more delightful and gracious all along the way. Copies arrived at both shops and you can also check it out via the flower website.



My Week on Instagram

20160626-063035.jpg I have shared in the past my love of Instagram. I find it so inspiring. Snippets & snapshots of all my favorite things by many of my favorite folks. It is also an outlet for me to share little pieces of beauty or inspiration throughout my day. From the first eve of Summer on the deck at WestWard, to a little tableau of shop goods, to a shot of the jasmine growing up the wall at The Gainsborough into our living room window, excitement over a new book written by a friend, to the passing of someone I have long admired–moments to share.







20160626-064849.jpg Click here to check out more or to follow along.

A lovely, lovely Sunday to you! We have our 8 year old godson Magnus and his family coming over to the island this afternoon. He had said to TPS awhile back that he wanted to cook with him sometime, so today is the day. Can’t wait to see what they whip up for us!



It Always Comes Down to the Basics




A Sea of Lilies

20160624-031823.jpg The Market was a sea of lilies the other day. The heady aroma they give off, heavenly. Lilies are one of those flowers where one stem can fill an entire room with scent. Of course, if you want to gild the lily, pun intended, a big bunch of them is pretty extraordinary too.




Ted’s Tip No. 67

20160623-053148.jpg An ordinary roll of parchment paper picked up at the grocery store can be used for so many simple stylish uses. Line an old silver tray with it slightly askew for a visual app/cheese tray for your next gathering. Plus it makes clean-up a breeze.



A Citadelle G&T

20160622-063806.jpg Stumbled across a yummy find awhile back that I thought I would share as we head into Summer gin & tonic season. We like to set out a variety of gins for a ‘help yourself’ G&T station during the sunny months when we have guests out on the island. It is a fun way for them to try something new or stay with an old favorite. The blue from this bottle of Citadelle quickly caught my eye, the fact that it is made in France sealed the deal for me. And then we tried it with guests a few weeks ago. Oh boy, really tasty. I had never heard of it until I spotted that blue bottle. From the bit of quick searching I have surmised that the brand has been given new life in the past several years. As it was produced in the 17th century, Citadelle gin is distilled in small copper pot stills with a naked flame. Using centuries old know-how passed down through five generations of master distillers, Alexandre Gabriel and the Pierre Ferrand cellar master have brought back to market a complex, refined and elegant gin. Look for the beautiful blue bottle. Cheers to Summer!



A New Shipment of Hotel Silver Has Arrived

A new shipment of vintage English hotel silver bowls arrived the other day. From the 1940’s to 60’s, these pieces have lived quite a life already. They have been given a second life while being re-silvered and look awesome with a fresh coat. This makes them food-safe, so they are meant to used & enjoyed. Perfectly chic filled with a host of things like nuts and dips and crackers for the cocktail hour. Lovely with a flower floating in it. And my true test of an object is they look divine with nothing in them at all gracing a coffee table or kitchen counter. For information on any of the pieces, always feel free to give us a ring at the shop at 800.991.9361 or shoot us an e-mail at